Sports therapy

Addresing minor sports injuries of the soft tissue of the body (muscle,tendon and ligaments),however you don’t have to be in sport to have sports therapy an injury of twisting your ankle is similar to twisting your ankle on a football pitch.

Modalities used in sports therapy

Taping techniques, ultrasound, cryotherapy (ice),heat packs, manual therapy,massage,frictions, stretching, and manipulation.


The 3 stages of an injury are acute, subacute and remodelling (scar tissue), to be successful in the rehabilitation process, the appropriate treatment interventions are applied at the specific stages of the injury cycle.The goal for intervention is to align the scar tissue and to maximise the function through your individual programme of specific exercises.The support and encouragement and underpinning knowledge from mark will guide you every step of the way during this frustrating period for you.

The key for success is the correct diagnosis and early treatment.