Sports, Remedial and Relaxation Massage options


The term massage essentially means to apply manual pressures in different ways, and the outcome for the techniques are to decrease pain, relax tight or tense tissues of the body, for the overall goal for improved function (your movement should be better with less pain).

I have been using massage techniques for 15 years, and in my experience the key for massage to work is to adapt the techniques to the individual’s need. I have experienced many forms of massage, and what has worked for me  was the therapist who had understood through palpation (assessment through the hands ) the need of the tissues being assessed, and the subsequent appropriate techniques.

Massage benefits and who can benefit:

Some of the benefits of massage reported are, decrease in pain, reduced  state anxiety, may help with depression, may help prevent fibrosis, and scar tissue, improved sleep, reduced blood pressure, increased lymph flow, feeling more relaxed.

All ages can benefit from massage some massage therapist treat babies, however I treat adults,my most senior client is 90 years young!

To book a massage or discuss if massage may be of benefit to you please call.

Top Tip when receiving a massage:

The pressures/techniques used should be bearable, the rationale for this is you have an inbuilt mechanism for detecting pressure, and if the pressure goes beyond your threshold then pain will be triggered, and the body will tense up and wont be able to relax. The outcome of a massage that is applied in this way will bruise the body and mind, and you wont go back!

What to expect

I will treat you with dignity, respect and listen to what the body is telling me through palpation.The patient experience will hopefully be a positive one, and hopefully you will feel lighter, and happier.Massage can be done through clothing or with shorts for a male and shorts and a crop top for a female, this can be discussed when booking. A great massage is difficult to find, if you have been disappointed in the past don’t stop looking, as you have found a superb massage therapist with 15 years experience. To book your treatment give mark a call today.