Personal Training

The concept is simple Personal training with a fully qualified Osteopath and advanced fitness Trainer.

I am a mobile trainer and can train you at your office, the great outdoors, your house, garden or your own personal gym!

Exercise is essential to health, consistency, frequency, intensity, recovery are some of the key components in attaining mental,physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Why exercise? for mental/physical/spiritual well being

Reduce or maintain a healthy weight: By Reducing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and many more conditions!

Good posture: Essential for good health good exercise improves posture.

Self esteem: exercise makes you feel good..

Illness or wellness what is it going to be? here is a link to one of my favourite websites You Tube 23 1/2 hours this has dispelled a lot of myths about the amount of exercise required for health benefits enjoy!  

Depression: Fact exercise helps release good chemicals that we have in are in built medicine chest, as natural as it gets.

Socially: exercising in groups or with a training buddy or a personal trainer will reap greater results

Mobile trainer I will be focused for you and my reputation

Top Tip  What you think is what you do what you do is what you become.

Your thoughts become your feelings your feelings become your actions.

You Change.  Lets do it, when your ready I am ready. limited spaces available.