Meet Mark

Mark Hiddleston B.Sc.(Hons) Osteopathy Dip.FT.ST.


Registered with the General Osteopathic Council

Mark has always been involved in physical pursuits,football,athletics,weight training,circuit training,walking, climbing,swimming,and boxing training. Mark has taught exercise classes over the last 15 years Spinning,circuit training,boxing conditioning training, body pump, sports stretching classes, core conditioning.

Mark has 15 years experience as a manual therapist,and has had his fair share of muscleskeletal pain. Mark knows first hand the importance of resolving the issue you may have as quickly as possible, therefore his knowledge and skill in osteopathy,sports therapy,massage therapy, ultrasound, ice therapy and taping techniques help in this process.

Mobile Osteopathy Poole can treat you at your place of Work/Home/ event/corporate locations/care home or nursing home for the elderly patient.

Remember: Pain is a symptom not a cause, and it is part of an inbuilt mechanism to say stop, and seek help! However persistant pain can become a disease called chronic pain, and this takes longer and is more difficult to treat and manage! The quicker you address the pain the better all round!